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Ch 21: Love at first bite

Asleep, it's an early morning nap today.

It's been another big week.

The last time we spoke, I had mentioned setting up Mr Potato with Miss Pumpkin.

Well didn't they hit it off! Forget all those other supercouples, Brangelina, Garfleck and TomKat ..ohh oops, my bad.

Let's give a warm welcome to TatyPump.

What a combination!

Well that was until a few days ago. Looks like the hype has gone to Mr Potato's starchy head.

Possibly influenced by the recent RobPattz and Kristen Stewart breakup, it seems as though he may have a wondering eye...especially for red heads, or should that be orange heads.

Ms Carrot has flashed her long pegs and has too struck up a friendship with her leading man.

Not only do they meet for lunch, they're having dinner dates too. Gasp! What a flusy..

But be careful ladies, there are a few teenybopper blondes lurking in the background...Missy Apple and Missy Pear.

Perhaps it's time for old cousin sweet potato to arrive and scoop up any leftovers. He is a little desperate and needs a little lovin' you know.

Awake, up time but it's Saturday so that means it's Dads turn.


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