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Ch 23: What's for dinner Mum?

Asleep. Morning nap time.

In one week the little master will be seven months old.

But by the way he is devouring three meals day, plus feeds, you would think he was 17.

Aren't teenage boys, not seven month olds, meant to eat you out of the house?

I swear I caught him the other day hovering at the fridge, in his new Dunlop Volleys (cuute!), opening the door, sighing then slamming it shut muttering 'there's never anything good to eat...grumble grumble.'


Not quite. However he has managed to master the art of tapping his little boy hands on his feeding chair table demanding more potato, more pumpkin and yes please I'll have some apple for dessert.


I should be thankful, he hasn't been a fussy eater, has had no allergic reactions and he is a very content and happy little man.

I am thankful.

Besides, I get to dress him in his fabulous Super Mario inspired feeding bib! Joy!
(reliving the early 1990s playing our very hip Super Nintendo. Ah yes, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Bowser..*tear*)

Anyway, the bib is a necessity..pumpkin does stain you know..

So apart from one small but painful biting episode, all things in the food department are cruising along in leaps and bounds.

The downside – the countless hours of peeling, washing, chopping, steaming, blending, freezing and finally defrosting baby sized portions of fruit and veggie goodness. And you wonder what I do all day..*rolls eyes*

A couple of small items to help me along the way – hello Avent Steam Blender and many thanks to AussieFarmers Direct for their amazing box of goodies. Love!

Righto enough jibber jabber, I'm off to peel some carrots..in my Yoshi slippers.


Ah, actually make that awake. Timing..

And yes, I really do have Yoshi slippers.

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