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Asleep on his side. First sleep for the day.

Well just as one friend exits the door (so long chocolate egg), another one enters.

Hello Mr Potato! Our new BFF.

Thanks to said new friend, this morning I have an extra spring in my step. Actually, make that about 80 new springs.

It has taken six months, one week and two days.

27 weeks and two days.

191 days to be exact.

191 nights of getting up from a range of six times to once a night. For feeding, settling, re-settling, comforting, managing vomit burps and nappy changes.

Last night was the first night that the little master didn't need me from when he went down at 7.00pm through to 6.30am.

Although I did wake at 3am and raced in to check that he was ok, his little snores assured me he was well and truly alright.

Who do we have to thank for this great feat? Aside from time, consistent routines and self settling techniques with much persistence, I think perhaps our new little starchy mate may have come through with the goods.

Mr Potato – we salute you.

Thank you for staying in the little masters tummy to keep him warm and cosy at night.

We hope you're not a one hit wonder and will visit us again night after night.

With time we may even introduce you to a few new mates too – Mr Carrot and Mr Pumpkin.

Or should we say Miss Pumpkin..yes?

Asleep. Still.

In the meantime, potaties for everybody!

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