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Awake. Kicking in his bouncer.

What a sad day. It's still early on this beautiful Sunday morning but it is with a heavy heart I bid farewell to a dear friend.

So long chocolate egg.

We've had some great times. From chasing my siblings around the farm looking for you hiding in every nook and cranny on Easter Sunday, to enjoying you with a glass of red of an evening after dinner.

You have served me well, kept me sane at times and have provided me with a much needed reward after a long day.

But it's time to part.

Was it something I said? Something I did?

Who knows. All I really know is that it is over. For now.

Today started so well. The little master slept through to 5.30am. After his feed he went back to sleep until 7.15am.

Then it turned ugly.

The projectile vomit had covered the little master's sleeping bag, pyjamas, sheets and the cot railings. Not to mention in his ears. I know, how awful.

Why chocolate egg? Why did you have to target his little ears? So mean.

But how could a chocolate egg do such a thing you ask?

Let's take a step back. Now that the little master is feeding on solids, last night I opened an Easter gift containing a Disney Cars cutlery set with a chocolate egg.

With the bowl, spoon and cup now washed and in the cupboard ready to use, I eggerly, sorry eagerly, ripped open the egg and happily munched on the chocolaty goodness after dinner.

With my recent conversion to soy milk after learning that cows milk upsets the little masters tummy, I failed to realise that perhaps the milk solids in the egg may wreak havoc the following day.

Oops. My bad.

On a positive note, the little master is fine. Who would have thought he could vomit with such a big grin on his chubby face. And to get a bath first thing in the morning, well hasn't all his Easters arrived at once!

Anyway, back to my broken friendship. Hopefully one day, I can make peace with the chocolate egg and we can meet again.

But for now, it's over man. You mess with my little boy, you mess with me. Move on egg. 


Awake, ready for his morning nap.

Let's hope he wakes vomit free.

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