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It's mid afternoon and I am knackered.

Tired and grumpy from another unsuccessful city lunch trip.

That's it now, I've banned city lunch dates indefinitely.

The plan was to meet three dear work friends with one other bubba for a lunch I literally dream about.

Think – xiao long bao, chilli wontons, chinese broccoli with oyster sauce. You guessed it. My great food love (second only to the chocolate lamington) hutong dumplings.

Buurrrrpp! Oops, excuse me!

A good run into the city, including a nap for the little master. Great, but expensive car park across the road from the restaurant. On time (actually we were early), happy baby dishing out the smiles left right and centre, hungry mum salivating at the prospect of chowing down a ward of dumpling delight faster than you can say 'another serve of wontons with hot chilli sauce please'.

I had my dumpling shoes on and we were ready to rumble.

Until he cracked it.

Ah yes, nap in the car not quite long enough. Restaurant noisy. Busy lunch hour. Restaurant heating decided to pretend we were in the middle of the Swiss Alps. Either that or staff had a bet as to who would succumb to the heat first and strip off to their bare essentials. Or maybe not. I'm just being silly. Think the heat has affected me..

We ordered as soon as we arrived. No menus needed thanks, been coming here for years.

Lunch served. Wonton goodness floating through the air.

Me – in the stairwell comforting and rocking the little screamer off to sleep. But there's too much to look at. Too many noises and smells to take note of. I don't want to sleep. I like whinging and taking you away from your precious dumpling moment. And who can sleep in this heat anyway?!

The dumplings were cold by the time one hit my lips. The xiao long bao was too awkward to devour with the little master asleep in my arms. Wasn't keen on attempting to scoff it in one hit at the risk of choking on the soup filling – I've done it before, without a baby in my arms, and believe me, not a great look.

I settled for a couple of wontons and some mince beef with noodles.

Asleep..I think. Silence is good. Silence is great.

Silence means jack. Eyes wide open.

As I ponder on another failed lunch date – an expensive one at that too. Think $48 for less than two hours parking in the city. I know I know, stupid me. But unable to bring a pram into the tiny restaurant I had little choice but to park as close as possible. The logistical joys I tellsya! 

Anyway, as I ponder on my lighter pocket, drawn eyes, overtired baby who won't drop off now, and unsatisfied dumpling hungry tummy, I have made an executive decision.

No more city runs at lunchtime. I don't care whose birthday it is, how long it has been since we have caught up, who is leaving work or how good the dumplings are.

Our whole day has gone down the drain (closely followed by our cold leftover wontons we had to leave at the table..). We are tired, slightly embarrassed, frustrated and a tad hungry. Not to mention flat broke. Did I mention the parking?!

If you can't compromise and meet me for a quick coffee and cake mid morning, well tough wontons. I'm going to have to do something I've had trouble doing for the past 30 years.

Sorry that doesn't suit us.
Too hard basket.
He sleeps at that time.
Yes, I'm saying no.


Besides, dumplings are sooo 2011.

Cake is much more 2012.

Especially chocolate lamingtons.

Asleep. Joy.

Unknown  – (June 29, 2012 at 7:11 AM)  

Just as well I like chocolate lamingtons then!

May even test my baking skills for ya :-)

Tammy xx

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