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Awake but dropping off

We have just come home from my niece's fourth birthday at...
wait for it..


you guessed it – a play centre.

Or in the words of the birthday girl's mother: 'a germ infested hell hole'.
(insert shiver down spine here)

That it is my dear. Even more evident when a four year old young lady warned me not to go on the jumping castle because 'there was wee on it'.

'Oh darn it' I groaned as I put my shoes back on. I only came for cake and the jumping castle.

I have always likened play centres as the adult equivalent of a drunken pub crawl – lots of unruly behaviour, too much alcohol..oops I meant sugar, fried food, lots of bumps and bruises, fighting then cuddling because you can't remember what you were fighting about in the first place, then concluding with an array of tears and a long long nap.


Whilst he is out for the count I'm off to disinfect my clothes, my hair, the pram, nappy bag, my clothes again..and so on and so forth.

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