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Awake and having a decent whinge about it too.

Something amazing happened yesterday. Very unexpected but life changing.


I fell in love. Head over heels. Absolute bonkas, you know the story right?

I found someone so wonderful, fabulous looking, soft and gentle yet firm and supportive.

A perfect match.

The perfect pillow.

And at 65% off RRP, I was thrilled to have snapped up two of them!

Let me introduce you to my new squeeze – the foam memory pillow.

For someone who has suffered neck pain as a result of, well actually I'm not sure what but I can guarantee tired, old feather pillows may have something to do with it. Perhaps some poor posture issues. Maybe spending too much time with my head down squinting at my smartphone. Who knows really.

I have over the past week, spent much of the night banging my fists on the pillow, tossing it over and over again, slamming my head down mumbling obsenitites grovel grovel..

Enough was enough so I hit the shops.

The result - the most refreshing night sleep in over five months. Not to mention the somersaults down the hallway. Don't worry my neck was fine..

Asleep, thumb in mouth, too cute.

With the little master down by 7.00pm, I followed at 9.30pm.

Woke at...wait for it – 4.30am for his first feed (two mornings in a row thank you very much!).

Then back down until 7.30am.

For the first time in over five months, I really didn't need that caffeine hit first thing in the morning to get me up and about. Amazing.

I still whipped up a warm brew regardless and whilst quietly sipping the coffee bean goodness, I proudly proclaimed to my dear husband that 'I think I love my new pillow more than you. In fact I'm sure of it.'

His gorgeous reply: 'That's quite alright AP.'

Happy wife, happy life right? Indeed.

Asleep. Still.

Yaaawn..is it my bedtime yet? I miss my new squeeze..

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