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Asleep with one arm out of his woombie swaddle – win for us.

Yes, I've started the transition from a swaddle to a sleeping bag..baby steps. Will keep you posted on how this is progressing.

Now I must admit that the little master is not my only child. He has an older brother who is an expert on sleeping, can drop off anywhere at any time for hours and hours, resettle on his own accord, doesn't need any comforters apart from a warm spot to lay his tired head.

There are a couple of minor differences – the older brother has fur, long floppy ears and the most becoming ability to lick his own bottom clean. Plus he only needs two feeds a day. Geez, talk about low maintenance.

His name is Buddy and we adore him. I mean look at him, he's gorgeous!

As our first child, he has been spoiled. I mean really spoiled. Lots of rides in the car, play time in the park, tummy rubs and an endless array of cuddles. Plus our bed is apparently his, not ours.

For such a little furry friend, he has an enviable ability to easily transition into a dead weight upon any prompting of movement from his sleeping haven – on our legs, feet, pillow, face.

Yes, I said face and I meant it. Usually only when the thunderstorms hit...usually.

Introducing him to the newborn little master was a nervous time. He wasn't too impressed. He was shocked, scared and at times I have no doubt he felt a little left out. Although we have been mindful not to abandon Buddy and to still give him as much attention as possible, his world has changed. Forever.

Unlike children, we couldn't prepare Buddy with storybooks such as 'There's a House inside my Mummy'. Instead, we bribed him with doggie treats and lots of positive reinforcement upon bringing the little master home.

Has it worked? To an extent, yes. Oh apart from the weight gain thanks to mastering the sad puppy eyes begging for yet another schmacko. Whoops. How are those arteries going??

Oh and his annual vaccinations are slightly overdue...just haven't quite got round to getting him to the vet. Whoops again. Is he still itching?

So although he is now overweight and at risk of developing and spreading some flea infested virus, the canine jury is still out as to whether he has taken a loving to the little master.

We think the little master loves him. I mean, he has peed on his head and only this morning did a little vomit on his tail. Obvious signs of affection no doubt. I'm sure that's his way of saying 'I love you'. He does it to me all the time! Well apart from peeing on my head. But I'm sure he could manage it if he tried really hard.

We hope with time, Buddy will cuddle up to the little master once he is in a big boy bed. Then we won't have to deal with the canine bottom burps, snores of contentment and his refusal to move just a few centimeters to the right so you can stretch your legs.

Yet once those thunderstorms hit I have no doubt I will still be comforting two scared and anxious little boys in my bed, cuddling up to my legs, feet, pillows, face...actually make that three including my dear husband.

Asleep, still. Now where is that vet's phone number..

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